Flexbar Dial Calibration Tester (19350)


Provides A Quick & Highly Accurate Method For Calibrating Dial Indicators, Test (Lever Style) Indicators and Dial Bore Gages.

Can be used with Flexbar Digi-Met Electronic Indicator. For Readout or Digital Probe Style Readout Systems.

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Flexbar Dial Calibration Tester Features & Specifications:

  • Precise and sensitive micrometer drum with non rotating anvil provides the required fine drive to the reference master on one side and on the other side the gauge under calibration.
  • Robust in construction with vertical stand for easy operation and clear visibility.
  • Design based on Abbe's principle, that is the measuring axis and the evaluation axis are in the same line.
  • Direct comparative measurement gives the required accuracy.
  • Can be placed horizontally to accommodate the Lever Type Dials & Dial Bore gauges for calibration.
  • Can be used in two different combinations with
  • Digital Dial Gauge with .00005"/0.01mm resolution for calibration of .005"/0.01mm least count dial gauges.
  • Digital Display Unit and Probe with 0.0001mm resolution for 0.0001 and 0.002mm (or inch equivalents) least count dial gauges.
  • Inch Resolution dial gauges can also be checked.
  • Can be interfaced with computer by RS232 Port and Software for recording and evaluation.
  • The DG Cal Software provides calibration results
  • Accessories such as clamp, magnifying lens and holders are provided.

Flexbar DG Software Package Complete Features:

  • Direct Data acquisition to computer.
  • Window based and user friendly software.
  • Graphical presentation of Dial indicator errors in forward and backward directions.
  • Software is capable of maintaining Gauge history.

Software Option

help desk software