Flexbar Dial Snap Gages


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Flexbar Dial Snap Gages Features:

  • Aluminum frame with plastic handle provides handy design & better grip.
  • Ground & lapped carbide measuring anvils provides better wear resistance & longer life. Chamfered anvil ensures easy insertion of workpiece without damaging the workpieces.
  • Collet chuck covers dial indicators, digital dial gauges with 8mm mounting shank to ensure rigidity in clamping & alignment with measuring axis.
  • Smooth and antirotational movement of the measuring spindle by guide pin.
  • Adjustable work rest for proper positioning of workpiece for repetitive measurements, particularly for round jobs.
  • Powder coated dial protector provides adequate protection to the dial gage.

DIGI-MET Digital indicator Multi-Mode Features:

  • Resolution: .00005"
  • Accuracy: .00015"
  • Selectable Resolution
  • Preset Capacity
  • True/Inch/Metric conversion
  • Bidirectional RS232 Output.
  • Preset Recall.
  • Min/Max/TIR Modes
  • Tolerance Signal Lights.

Flexbar Dial Snap Gages Technical Specifications:

  • Measuring Face: 14 x 14mm (Carbide tipped)
  • Movement of measuring anvils: 2mm
  • Parallelism: 5µm
  • Flatness of anvil: 0.0015mm

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