Flexible Fiberoptic Borescopes 6mm dia. x 40″ (1meter) (18960vc)


Flexbar 2-Way Fiberoptic Borescopes  6mm dia. x 40″ (1meter)

Now Available In Standard High Resolution (10K Fiber Bundle) And Super High Resolution (17K Fiber Bundle) Video Direct Models. This flexible borescope
Specifically designed for QA applications and preventative maintenance inspection programs, Flexbar flexible fiberscopes provide high-resolution images of difficult to reach areas. Look around corners and into  deep recesses without the need for costly, time consuming tear down. High grade optics produce very bright images, and the Dura-Flex™ articulation system provides outstanding range of motion and durability.  Dura-Flex™ articulation was primarily designed to dramatically reduce repair costs by as much as 75%.

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Flexible Borescope standard Viewing 2-Way include:

  • Articulating borescope, with 10K imaging bundle.
  • Portable LED battery handle
  • Custom foam lined carrying case


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