Fowler 10″ Sine Bar (52-455-015-0)


Fowler 10″ Sine Bar equipment used with gage blocks is highly recommended for securing a high degree of accuracy in measuring angles for grinder and milling machine set ups. Both sine and rolls hardened and ground for extreme accuracy.

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Fowler 10" Sine Bar Features:

  • Tops surface is accurate to .00003" per inch of length.
  • Flange on end of bars and plates for resting work.
  • Parallelism: .0004"
  • Width: 1"
  • Distance between center of rolls: 10" ± .0004"
  • Both Sine Bars and 5" Sine Plates have holes for mounting/clamping.
  • Includes fitted case

Download the Fowler Sine Bar product information using the link below:

Fowler Sine Bar 10 inch

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