Fowler Bowers XTH Pistol Grip Only


Fowler bowers XT Pistol Grip only.

Fowler/Bowers XTH Holematic Pistol Grip range of bore gages offer extended travel with fixed anvils. The pistol grip handle incorporates a constant measuring pressure to eliminate operator “feel”.

The Fowler/Bowers pistol grip bore gages are accurate and have great repeatability. Now available in Bluetooth






Available Options

range Product Number
.080-.250" (2-6mm) 54-567-350-BT
.250-.750"(6-20mm) 54-567-375-BT
.080-.250" (2-6mm) 54-567-350-0
.250-.750"(6-20mm) 54-567-375-0
.750-4"(20-100mm) 54-567-400-0
4-12" (100-300mm) 54-567-480-0
.750-4"(20-100mm) 54-567-400-BT
4-12" (100-300mm) 54-567-480-BT

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