Fowler Digital Cylinder Bore Gages


Bowers/Fowler Digital Cylinder Bore Gages are an innovation in bore diameter measurement. One gage covers four different mechanical dial gage options: .00005″/.001mm, .0005″/01mm

5 year warranty

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Fowler Digital Cylinder Bore Gages Features:

  • Electronic Digital Bore Gage
  • Displays actual bore diameter or comparative results. (Min Memory Hold)
  • Inch/Metric conversion
  • Switchable resolution .00005"/.001mm, .0005"/.01mm
  • RS232 output for SPC or printer.
  • Fast simple checking for bores - size, ovality, taper, etc
  • Lightweight ABS gage shroud for extra strength and protection.
  • Tungsten carbide contact points.
  • Thermally insulated for extra stability.
  • Robust construction for shop floor use.
  • 2-point measuring with 3-point centering
Order # Range Bore Depth
54-549-002 1/2-7/8″(12.5-22mm) 6″
54-549-004 7/8-2″ (22-50mm) 6″
54-549-006 2-6″ (50-150mm) 10″
54-549-008 6-12″ (150-300mm) 15″
54-549-010 6-24″(150-600mm) 15″

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