Fowler Indicating Micrometer


Tool operates as a GO/NO GO gage and as a limited run, sensitive indicating micrometer with a resolution of .00005″


Fowler Indicating Micrometer Features:

  • Anvil and spindle hardened and precision ground
  • Carbide tipped measuring faces
  • Anvil withdraws .060″
  • Spindle can be locked and tolerance hands set
  • Graduation of head: .001″
  • Graduation of indicator: .00005″
  • Flatness: .000012″
  • Indicated accuracy: .00015″
  • Diameter of spindle: .256″


Available Options

range Product Number
string(5) "range"
string(3) "0-1"
string(5) "range"
string(3) "1-2"

Fowler Indicating Micrometer:

Fowler Indicating Micrometer

Download the Fowler Indicating Micrometer product literature by using the link below:

Fowler Indicating Micrometer


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