Fowler INTEX Comparator Beam Gage


Developed to measure both internal and external diameters and lengths, the Intex gage’s aluminium extrusion beam gives it a rigid yet lightweight quality, making it ideal for shop-floor environments

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Fowler INTEX Comparator Beam Gage Features:

  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Sizes over 40"/1000mm available on request
  • Internal and external measurement
  • .080"/2mmtravel on moving contacts
  • Adjustable fixed contacts with up to 10"/250mm adjustment range
  • Digital or analogue indicator available
  • Hardened steel wear pads locate gage onto component aiding repeatability prolonging service life
  • Setting master required to set the instrument
  • Shown with electronic indicator may also be used with mechanical indicators
  • Prices shown do not include indicator


Fowler INTEX Comparator Beam Gage:

  • The simple release of a locking thumbscrew enables the gages measuring direction to be changed quickly and easily

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