Fowler Rangemaster Digital Hardness Tester (54-760-000-0)


Fowler’s Rangemaster has the advantage of redesigned mechanics and improved microprocessor control technology for high accuracy and repeatability. One instrument includes British,
American and German standards with hardness values in Vickers, Brinell, Rockwells B and C, and tensile strength. Based on principles of portable testers, a mechanical load
of 15kg is applied in 2 stages to a diamond indentor through special preloaded springs. Indentor penetrates test surface to a maximum depth of only .005″, reducing damage to
an absolute minimum yet giving consistently accurate results.

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Fowler Rangemaster Digital Hardness Tester Features:

  • Large digital readout
  • Hardness values displayed in all major international scales.
  • RS-232C output for connection to SPC equipment or serial printer for data collection and treatment of results
    either as an ongoing process or at the end of a batch of readings.
  • Storage capacity for over 400 readings. Download to serial printer for comprehensive test reports.
  • Value above or below tolerance indicators
  • Last reading recall facility
  • Battery or mains power
  • Price includes calibrated test block, indentor key, wood case and instruction book.

The Rangemaster includes five international hardness scales as standard.

Hardness Scales     Testing   Range                        Resolution
Vickers Pyramid #        35 -1000                                1
Brinell                         100 – 500                                  1
Rockwell B                   30 – 100                                  0.1
Rockwell C                   20 – 70                                    0.1
Tensile Strength           255 – 1999N/mm2                    1

Download the Fowler Rockmaster Digital Hardness Tester product information using the link below:

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