Fowler Sylvac Dial Gauge Calibrator (54-618-970-0)


The Fowler Sylvac stand is custom designed for calibrating all types of dial gauges, lever indicators and transducers. It utilises a 25mm / 1″ travel Sylvac probe linked to a digital indicating unit, which in turn can be connected to various software programs for test certificate production

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Fowler Sylvac Dial Gauge Calibrator Features:

• Suitable for both dial gauges & lever indicators
• Test system according to the ABBE principle
• Fine adjustment hand wheel
• Thermal shield for reference probe
• Quick clamping for 8mm or 3/8" gauges

Readout Features:
• True inch / metric conversion
• Resolution options of 0.001mm, 0.0001mm, and 0.0001", 0.00001"
• Digital display
• RS 232 direct output for computer / printer or gauge management system


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