Fowler Mini Vertical Series II Height Measuring


Fowler’s Mini-Vertical Series II height measuring and scribing instrument, now with direct RS232 output. Available in ranges of  12.6″ , 24.4″ and 40″.
Comes with either granite or cast iron base.



Fowler Mini Vertical Series II Height Measuring Features:

• Zero setting at any position.
• .00005″/.001mm or .0005″/.01mmresolution.
• Input of preset values and recall.
• mm/inch selection
• Setting and display of tolerance limits.
• Min/max/tir modes.
• Hold display function.
• Two reference datums (Ref. I/Ref. II)
• Compact appearance and versatility ofapplication.
• Accurate and positive measurements.
• Ease of handling.
• Direct Opto RS232C data outputallows connection to printer or computer.
• Bi-directional data output

Available Options

Measuring Range Height Gages Product Number
0-12.6"/320mm 54-180-212
0-24.4"/620mm 54-180-224
0-12.6"/320mm 54-180-215
0-24.4"/620mm 54-180-226

Fowler Mini Vertical Height Measuring instrument:

  • Measuring range                         12.6″ (320mm)              24.4″ (620mm)              40″
  • Accuracy over full range          .0008″ (.02mm)            .0012″ (.03mm)         .002 (.05mm)
  • Measuring pressure Approx.(under preload)     3N (10.5 ounces)
  • Max. displacement velocity  of measuring carriage   40″/sec. (1m/sec.)

Download the Fowler Mini Vertical Height Measuring unit using link below:

Fowler Mini-Vertical Height 

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