Glastonbury Gage Micrometer Master, 1″ to 12″ (25-300mm)


Micrometer masters by Glastonbury Southern Gage are used to calibrate and set micrometers. The master is superior to gage block calibration because they do require block stacks and therefore it is much faster to inspect the linear range of the tool. In addition they indicate wear on the micrometer anvil because it replicates how the micrometer is used.

1.00″-12.00″ diameter in 1.00 increments.
25-300mm diameter in 25.0mm increments.


Optional Certificate

Glastonbury Gage Micrometer Master Specifications:

  • 1.00″-12.00″ diameter in 1.00″ increments
  • 25-300mm diameter in 25.0mm increments
  • Case hardened, stabilized, ground and lapped to +/-.0001 or +/- .0025mm.

Available Options

inch-or-metric Product Number

Download the Glastonbury Gage Micrometer Master product literature using the link below:

Glastonbury Southern Gage Micrometer Master 1 to 6 inch

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