M5 Ø0.8 mm ruby ball, tungsten carbide stem, L 32 mm, ML 12 mm, for Zeiss applications


M5 straight stylus.

Equvialent to Zeiss part number: 602030-8060-000.

Equivalent to Q-Mark part number: AQG-0832.

Note: measurement length is to end of ball.

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Thread M5
Ball dia 0.8 mm
DS1 0.60
ML1 4.80
Length 32.00 mm
Stem material Tungsten carbide
Tip material Ruby


DK 0.8 mm
ML1/ML 4.8 mm  / 12.0 mm
DG/D 11.00 mm
L 32.00 mm
DS1/DS 0.6 mm / 1.0 mm
Weight 6.8 g

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