Mahr C1216 Length Measuring Instrument


The Millimar C1216 is robust, easy to handle and all-purpose. It is ideal for measurement tasks with manageable complexity in the production field and in the inspection room. There are different variations of the Millimar C1216 for inductive probes or air gaging.

Mahr C1216 Length Measuring Instrument Features:

  •  Adjustments, that are needed often can be selected directly with the SELECT button
    static measurements ± A, ± B and all combinations
  • Dynamic Measurements: Max, Min, Max-Min, Max+Min, average
    auto-detect method.
  • Two measuring instruments can be connected (probe, plug gauge…)
    – the used measuring device is applied automatically to the display 1 point or 2 point master measurement programmable by use of an installed key board or RS232 interface with MS-Windows configuration software programmable analogue voltage output additional resolution of 0.01 μm in a measuring range of ± 200 μm

Mahr C1216 Length Measuring Instrument:

Mahr C1216 Length Measuring Instrument

Download the Mahr C1216 Length Measuring Instrument product literature by using the link below:

Mahr C1216 Length Measuring Instrument

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