Mahr 16 EWR-A1-S1 Outward Neck Digital Caliper & Mahr 16 EWRi-A1-S1 wireless models


MarCal 16 EWR, with protection class IP67 and the Reference Lock- Function, ensures both accurate and reliable results even in the most toughest workshop conditions.  The Reference-Lock-Function prevents operating error caused by accidental usage of the operating buttons. Mahr 16 EWRi-A1 and Mahr 16 EWR-S1 wireless models


ISO-17025 Certification

Options & Accessories

Mahr Federal 16 EWR Outward Neck Digital Caliper Features:

    • Mahr 16 EWRi-A1-S1 wireless model
  • Excellent resistance against dust, coolants and lubricants, protection class IP67
  • Dirt wipers are integrated in the slide
  • Life of the battery up to 3 years
  • Max measuring speed 2.5 m/s (100“/s)
  • High contrast Liquid Crystal Display with 8.5 mm high digits
  • Lapped guide way
  • Slide and beam made of hardened stainless steel
  • Measuring blades for inside measurement
  • Step measuring function
  • Locking screw
  • Supplied with: Case, battery, operating instructions
  • USB Digital caliper
  • Resolution: .0005″/.01mm

Available Options

measuring-style Product Number
outward offset jaws 4103078
Outward Pointed Jaw 4103080
outward offset jaws 4103378
Outward Pointed Jaw 4103380

Mahr 16 EWR Outward Neck Digital Caliper:


Download the Mahr l 16 EWR Outward Neck Digital Caliper product information using the link below:


marcal outward caliper

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