Mahr EDI-36B or EMD-36B ID/OD Gage with “T” OR “V”Plate


A quick and reliable way to check outside diameters on the shop floor. The Mahr 36B I.D./O.D. gage is offered with both the “T” plate and “V plate. Ideal for measuring I.D.’s or O.D.’s,

For measuring internal and external diameters, centering edges, narrow shoulders and recesses


Mahr 36-B ID/OD Gage with “T” OR “V”Plate Features:

  • Adjustable retraction of sensitive contact allows measurement of grooves and races. Retraction, normally set at 6 mm / 0.25“, is adjustableto 10 mm / 0.40“
  • Frictionless reed-spring (pantograph) motion transfer for repeatability
  • Gaging pressure is adjustable from 0 – 35 N / 0 – 8 lb
  • Adjustable base: Gage can be positioned on any angle from horizontal to vertical
  • Variety of readout devices available
  • Reverse the top-plate to change from I.D. to O.D. measurement
  • Supplied with JW-9 Jaws

Available Options

plate-style Product Number
T Plate 2051863
T Plate 2051864
T Plate 2051693
T Plate 2051873
T Plate 2051874
T Plate 2051695




Download the Mahr  EMD-36B and EDI-36B  ID/OD Gage with “T” OR “V”Plate product literature by using the link below:

mahr emd36b edi36b

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