Mahr Federal 49P Caliper Gages


The most widely used gages for checking medium tolerance dimensions on patterns, castings, forgings, dies, sheet metal.

49P Gages are obsolete.  see resources tab on this page for possible alternatives

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Mahr Federal 49P Caliper Gages Features:

  • Generous clearance on jaws reaches over non-measured part protrusions for easy access to areas where thickness must meet critical dimensional specs.
  • Retraction lever is conveniently located for one-hand operation.
  • .02mm or .1mm/ .01“, .001“, or 1/64“ grads. available.
  • Continuous reading dials with revolution counters normally provided.
  • Cylindrical radius steel contact tips normally furnished.

Mahr Federal 49P Caliper Gages Technical Specifications:

Mahr Federal 49P Thickness Gage Technical data
See Resources for more information.

The mahr federal 49P is obsolete.  see below link on OD gages for a possible alternative

od gages


Download the Mahr Federal 49P Caliper Gages product information using the link below:

Mahr Federal 49P Thickness Gage

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