Mahr 57B Dead load Thickness Gages


Mahr Federal 57B thickness gage. The XLI-57B-15 Digital thickness gage shown equipped with  Î¼Maxμm II XL Digital Indicator with 25mm / 1“ range
and .001 mm / .00005“ resolution.

Available with either Dial or Digital Indicator.

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Mahr 57B Dead load Thickness Gages Features:

  • Solid casting with ribbed frame provides strength and rigidity for accurate measurements.
  • 0.003 mm/ .0001 parallelism with tables up to 19 mm/ .75 diameter.
  • 283 g/ 10 oz. dead load weight for constant gaging pressure.
  • 10 mm/ .407“ diameter flat upper 54.0 mm/ 2.125“ lower contacts.
  • Indicator mounts with adjustable back for quick positioning for each gaging requirement.
  • Available with Dial Indicator or Digital Electronic Indicator.
  • Gage is supplied with a lift lever so work can be easily placed between the table and contact.
  • Four-inch throat depth for part clearance.

Mahr Federal 57B Dead load Thickness Gages Technical Specifications:

Mahr Federal 57B Dead Load Bench Style Thickness Gage Tech specs
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Download the Mahr Federal 57B Dead load Thickness Gages product information using the link below:

mahr thickness gages 57B

Mahr XLI-57B-15 Digital thickness gage with 10 oz dead weight

MAHR XLI-57B-15 # 2057551

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