Mahr 844A Pistol Grip Bore Gages


Mahr 844A Selft Centering Pistol Style bore gages offer long measuring range with fixed anvils. The pistol grip incorporates a constant measuring pressure for locking onto the bore diameter with no operator influence. (Includes Mahr 844 A Measuring head, Indicator (8mm stem) Sold Separately.

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MahR 844A Pistol Grip Bore Gages Features :

  • Large easy to read display
  • Self Centering measuring heads consists of three laterally positioned anvils, each offset 120 degrees
  • Measuring heads larger than 12.5mm/.5" are carbide tipped
  • Measuring heads from 40mm/1.6" are made from aluminum to reduce weight
  • Marcom output USB, RS232
  • Optional digital indicators are interchangeable for economical upgrade and maintenance. (8mm stem indicators)


Electronic Indicators

844 Ag Basic Unit Measuring Pistol

Measuring Pistol only for use with various 844 A measuring heads and 8mm stem indicators (Indicator sold separately)

Click below image to enlarge the technical specs on the mahr federal 844 A pistol grip bore gages

Specifications for Mahr Federal 844A




Download the Mahr 844 A BORE GAGE Product specifications by using the link below:

mahr 8444A



Download specifications for the Mahr 844 A Bore Gage by using the link below:

Mahr Federal 844 A Self Centering Measuring Pistol Bore Gage


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