Mahr Inside Micrometer Micromar 44F


Mahr Federal Inside Micrometer 44F available only in metric.


Mahr Inside Micrometer Micromar 44F Features:

  • Rigid, lightweight tubular construction
  • Spindle is hardened throughout and ground
  • Measuring faces spherically lapped, one measuring face adjustable
  • Scales with satin-chrome finish
  • From measuring range  100-125 mm with heat  insulators and a locking  device
  • Case for inside micrometer Mahr Federal

Available Options

measuring-range Product Number
30-40mm 4163000
40-50mm 4163001
50-70mm 4163002
70-100mm 4163003
100-125mm 4163004
125-150mm 4163005
150-175mm 4163006
175-200mm 4163007

Click below to enlarge technical information on inside micrometer Mahr Federal 44F

Mahr Inside Micrometer Micromar technical 44F

Download the Mahr 44F Inside Micrometer by using the link below:

Mahr Inside Micrometer Micromar 44F

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