Mahr Federal LD 120 Surface and Contour Measurement

Mahr Federal LD 120 Surface and Contour Measurement is a 2D measuring unit.  UD 120 / LD 120 closes the gap between the roughness and contour measuring units in the spectrum of Mahr surface products.  The probe system (z-axis) offers a measuring range of 10 mm with a resolution of 2 nm.

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Marsurf LD120 Surface Roughness and Contour unit Features:

  • Roughness and contour in a single stroke
  • State-of-the-art measuring technology for small tolerances.
  • optical measuring system offering high accuracy over a broad measuring range  and at maximum resolution.
  • Innovative tracing arm for maximum stability, maximum rigidity, low-oscillation measurements
  • Tracing arms with magnetic connection
  • Selectable measuring forces from 0,5 mN to 50 mN (MarSurf UD 120 1,0-30mN)
  • Mahr UD 120/ LD 120

Download the Mahr Federal LD 120 Surface Finish and Contour unit product information using below link:

Mahr Federal UD 120 LD 120

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