Mahr l Linear 100 Length Measuring Machine (5357301)


The Mahr Federal Linear 100 is a universal, user-friendly length measuring instrument for quick, precise internal and external measurements up to 100 mm, directly in the manufacturing environment. The unit’s simple design makes it possible to carry out measurements in no time at all and adapt quickly to new measurement tasks.

The Mahr Federal LINEAR 100 is very flexible when it comes to external measurements, with a direct measuring range of up to 50 mm (2 in) and an application range of up to 100 mm (4 in).

For internal measurements, the application range is 15 mm to 100 mm (0.59 in to 4 in), with the additional option of 6 mm to 100 mm (0.24 in to 4 in). It is possible to switch from internal to external measurements at any time without having to recalibrate. The instrument can be used to measure lengths and diameters. This allows multifaceted measuring tasks to be solved, for example on the dimension over two balls on outer gears/splines.

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Mahr Linear 100 Length Measuring Machine Features:

  • Damped measuring spindle with selectable measuring force up to 11Newtons / 40 Oz (H28 compliant)
  • Measuring force remains virtually constant over the entire measuring range
  • Direct measuring range of 50 mm
  • Integrated measuring system based on the Abbe principle
  • Infinitely adjustable measuring tables for precise measuring position adjustment
  • Combined internal/external measurement possible without recalibration
  • Easily exchangeable anvils which can be tailored to suit the specific measurement task
  • Solid cast body to avoid stresses and twisting errors from the outset
  • MarCheck measuring and evaluation unit (with optional stand)
  • The "MarCheck" with 3 channels, with USB connection for printer or stick, with USB connection to PC RS 232 interface, making it easy to transfer measured values to PCs
  • MarCom software (optional) allows measured values to be transferred to all Windows programs (e.g. Microsoft Excel)
  • Various accessories are available on request

LINEAR 100 measuring station consists of:

  • Linear 100 universal measuring instrument including height adjustable 70 x 70 mm object table with measuring and evaluation unit (MarCheck) and connection cable.
  • Measuring anvils for internal measurements from 15 mm to 100 mm and external measurements from 0 mm to 100 mm
  • Measuring anvils for external measurements, planar diameter of 6.5 mm
  • Cardboard packaging

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Mahr Federal Linear 100 Length Measuring Machine



Download the Mahr Linear 100 Length Measuring Machine product information using the link below:

linear 100

Linear 100 Measuring Station
Includes: measuring unit with digital display
OD contacts, 6.5mm diameter
ID contacts for ID’s from 15 to 100 mm diameter
Adjustable force settings from 4 to 40 oz.


2247619  Dust Cover 1
3 5350402 G14007 Holder for MarCheck digital display with single foot, 315 mm
5357260 G14007 Kit of OD Contacts. Includes one pair of each of the following:
Blade Contacts, 0.75mm x 7.0mm
Contact holders threaded with 2.5mm female thread
Contacts with 2mm dia. flat faces
Contact holders with 3.5mm bore for measuring inserts

5357263 G14007 Kit for ID Measurements. Includes:
Floating Table
Pair of Internal contacts for bores ≥15mm
Pair of Internal contacts for bores ≥6mm
108° Vee backstop for locating ring-like parts

5357262 G14007 Floating Center Support Kit. Includes:
Floating Center Support
Pair of 60° Center points, 16mm max diameter.
Pair of Hollow Center tips for parts 6mm to 12mm dia.
Pair of Center tips for parts with center bores from 10mm to 25mm
Tool for releasing Center Points
Wooden Case for Storage of components of Floating Center Support Kit

5357056 G14007 Support plate for measuring plug gages
5355740 G14007 Pair of replacement OD measuring inserts, 6.5mm dia.
5357036 G14007 Pair of replacement internal contacts for diameters ≥15mm
5357257 G14007 Pair of replacement internal contacts for diameters ≥6mm

Download the Mahr Federal Linear 100 Accessories by using the link below:

Mahr Federal Linear 100 Accessories

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