Mahr MarCator 1086 Zi Wireless Digital Indicator & 1086 R HR High Resolution .000001″


Mahr  Wireless Digital Indicator MarCator 1086 Zi . With the large display and the integrated tolerance function, your measurement results are clearly visual .

Mahr 1086 R HR Model# 4337697 High Resolution Digital Indicator res: .00001″,.00002″,.00005″, .0001″,.0002″,.0005″/.0001mm,.0005mm, .001mm,.002mm,.005mm,.01mm

Note: All indicators here come with 8mm stem. The model # 4337650 1086 ZR and Model# 4337651 1086 ZR have 3/8″ stem. Model # 4337628 1086 Zi has no gaging spring

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Mahr Federal MarCator 1086 Ri Wireless Digital Indicator Features and Functions:

  • ON/OFF
  • RESET (set display to zero)
  • mm/in
  • Reversal of counting direction
  • PRESET (for entering a numerical value)TOL (enter tolerance limit values)
  • <0> (tolerance GO / NO GO display mode)
  • ABS (display can be set to zero without losing reference to preset)
  • DATA (data transmission via connection cable)
  • Factor (adjustable)
  • LOCK (individual button lock)
  • Integrated Wireless transmitter
  • High contrast LCD display
  • Operating and display unit (bezel) can be rotated through 280°
  • Mounting shank and measuring spindle are both made of hardened stainless steel
  • Immediate measurements due to the Reference System
  • MarCom Professional Software free download:
    (only for Mahr data cables and wireless systems with USB and RS232 interface)
  • Digit Height: 11 mm
  • Data Interface: Digimatic, Opto RS232C, USB, Integrated Wireless
  • IP Protection Category: IP 42
  • Package Contains: Instruction Manual, Battery

Options (see below for details)

New Mahr High Resolution Digital Indicator # 4337697 1086 R HR

Measuring span 12.5 mm
Measuring range in inch 0.5 inch
Resolution 0.0001 mm, 0.0005 mm, 0.001 mm, 0.002 mm, 0.005 mm, 0.01 mm
Resolution inches .00001″, .00002″, .00005″, .0001″, .0002″, .0005″
Error limit 0.0018 mm
Error limit over 25 graduations 0.0005 mm
Repeatability mm 0.0005 mm
Measuring force 0.65 – 0.9
Height of digits 11 mm


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mahr 1086ri digital indicator

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Mahr 1086 Ri

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Mahr 1086Ri

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