Mahr Federal MarSurf WS 1 White light Sensor


The Mahr Federal MarSurf WS 1 is an optical surface sensor which operates on the basis of white-light interferometry. This technology enables
rapid, high-precision recording of surface topography on a wide range of materials.

The design is similar to that of a traditional interferometer, but uses white light instead of coherent light. White light has a short coherence length and therefore shows excellent properties for measuring surface topographies. In contrast to traditional interferometry, height information can be clearly assigned in the
case of height steps in the test specimen.

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Mahr Federal MarSurf WS1  features:

• White-light Sensor Measuring Station High-precision
•  non-contact measurement of surface texture using the principle of white-light interferometry
• Innovation in optical surface metrology
• Excellent vibration absorption (patent pending)
• Very small sensor dimensions
• Can be used in the workshop and lab


Mahr Federal MarSurf WS1 :

• 0.1 nm (.004 μin) vertical resolution
• compact, reliable design
• tried-and-tested evaluation software from Mahr

Download the product information using the link below:

Mahr Marsurf WS1 High Precision Non Contact

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