Mahr Micromar 40 ER Electronic Micrometer (4157010)


The NEW Mahr Micromar 40 ER is a micrometer that incorporates an extra large display that is easy-to-read, a reference system that retains the zero position setting and a lock feature to prevent user error


ISO-17025 Certification

Mahr  Micromar 40 ER Electronic Micrometer Features:

  • Immediate measurement dueto the Reference system
  • High contrast Liquid Crystal Display with 8.5 mm high digits
  • Hard lacquered steel frame, heat insulated
  • Spindle and anvil are carbide tipped
  • Spindle is made of stainless steel, hardened throughout and ground
  • Ratchet is integrated in the thimble
  • Rapid drive
  • Supplied with: Case, battery and operating instructions
  • Range 0-1″ range
  • Resolution 0.001m /.00005
  • IP40



Download the Mahr Micromar 40 ER Electronic Micrometer product information using the link below:


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