Mahr Millimar C 1700 PC Gaging Computer (5312801)


Mahr C 1700 PC Gaging Computer Practical measuring computer with a smart and universally applicable software for complex measuring tasks in the production area.The Millimar C 1700 PC is a small but powerful PC based gaging computer with Mahr Cockpit Software preloaded and ready to begin providing simple and complex measurement solutions. With its 250 mm / 10 in touch screen display, the system is easy to set up and use at the point of part manufacture.

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Mahr Millimar C 1700 PC Gaging Computer Features:

  • Interactive, touchscreen software
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • User-friendly setup of measuring tasks
  • Access to predefined formula templates for maximum ease of use
  • Management of measuring tasks
  • Measuring task linked to images or drawings
  • Static and dynamic measurements
  • Supported by graphical operating elements
  • Live visualization of measured values
  • Simultaneous digital and analog displays of up to 128 features
  • Connection of inductive probes and Mahr measuring instruments via USB interface
  • Connection of Mahr instruments via Integrated Wireless
  • Data export in Microsoft® Excel or in qs-Stat format (dfq, dfx or dfd-format)
  • Password protected user levels (3 levels)
  • Online help integrated in Cockpit Software
  • Includes: Millimar Cockpit Software including 10,1 in Touch PC, Preinstalled Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise, Mahr License Key,
    Installation Disk, Recovery Stick 16 GB, Operating Instructions, Power Supply, VESA 100 Standard Stand


Model C 1700 PC

Display Vertical bar graph, Horizontal bar graph, Analog display or round scale
Digital display Any combination of display types can be chosen for each feature
Range of Digital Display ± 1000 mm / 50 in
Range of Analog Display
± 10000 μm, ± 5000 μm, ± 2000 μm, ± 1000 μm, ± 500 μm,
± 200 μm, ± 100 μm, ± 50 μm, ± 20 μm, ± 10 μm /
± 0.5 in, ± 0.2 in, ± 0.1 in, ± 0.05 in, ± 0.02 in,
± 0.01 in, ± 0.005 in, ± 0.002 in, ± 0.001 in, ± 0.0005 in
Resolution 0,01 μm / 0.5 μin
Length Units mm, μm, in
Angle Units Degrees, radians
Tolerance Display
Upper and lower tolerance limit (per feature)
Upper and lower warning limit (per feature)
Compatibility USB, Integrated Wireless, Millimar N 1700
Measuring Combination
Predefined formula templates for standard features
Links entered via comprehensive formula editor
Features 128
Feature Types Length, angle, dimensionless
Dynamic Functions MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN, MAX+MIN
Classification Max. 20 classes
Measuring Range Dependent on measuring instrument (mm)
Number of Connectable Wireless
Receivers for i-Stick 1
Number of Connectable Measuring Instruments with Integrated Wireless 8
Number of Connectable Measuring Instruments with USB Interface 64
Data Export qs-Stat, Microsoft Excel
Hardware Interfaces
1x USB 3.0, 3x USB 2.0, 2x COM port Full-PIN (RS232/485; 5V/12V), 2x COM 2x
COM port 3-PIN (RX, TX, GND; RS232/485 switchable), 2x 10/100/1000Mbit
RJ45 Ports; 2x W-LAN connector, VGA, Display port
Energy Supply 100– 240V ACDC active switching; 12V DC-Out
Power Consumption 18
IP Protection Category IP 65 (Front Panel)
Languages German, English, Chinese, French, Russian, Czech
System Requirements 2 free USB 2.0 interfaces
Product Weight 2,00 kg

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