Mahr new Millimess 2000 W(i) and 2001 W(i) series of electronic comparators


The new Millimess 2000 W(i) and 2001 W(i) series of electronic comparators set new standards in metrology – thanks to unique and innovative features.

  • Flexible data acquisition Integrated Wireless or via data cable
  • Autonomous measurement via battery operation (up to 4 weeks)
  • Stationary application with permanent power supply via USB charging and data cable DK-U1

The new series of Millimess comparators. Available in two versions: for static measurements (right), and for static and dynamic measurements (left).

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  • Touch operating keys: Reliable operation in the measuring system
  • Fully hardened glass display: Robust and completely insensitive
  • Linearized inductive probe measuring system: Integrated measuring system for more precise measurements with a highly accurate resolution of up to 0.1 µm
  • Unique measured value classification: Innovative, visual representation in the display and colored LEDs
  • Now also with Integrated Wireless: Convenient and secure data transmission via radio (Wi models)
  • Clever handling for reliable measurement results: Light touches of the keypads do not affect your measuring device (as with a keystroke), thus no accidental adjustment or deformation of the measuring device
  • Optimized for use in production environments
  • Wear-free touch panels with adjustable touch sensitivity
  • Optimal protection

    The robust tempered glass display protects against wear and tear and makes the comparators even more durable and less vulnerable.

    • Fully tempered glass display (scratch and shock resistant).
    • Optimal surface protection all around: Resistant to penetration by liquids, dust or lubricants
    • No abrasion of the key labels possible thanks to the printing behind glass
    • Unproblematic cleaning of the glass surface compared to sensitive plastics
    • Ideal for use in production and quality assurance
    • Unique measured value classification

      • LED tolerance display with optical light signal for measured value classification: Go/No-go/Rework display or warning limits for measurements during production
      • Warning limit function: manual warning limit entry possible (10 percent/ 20 percent/ 30 percent)
      • 2000 W(i): for static measuring tasks – with tolerance function and clear symbols in the display
      • 2001 W(i): for static and dynamic measuring tasks – with additional analog scale display. The moving pointer allows the measuring movement and tolerance limits of the probe to be reliably identified visually.


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