Master Setting Discs

Master Setting Discs.  Willrich Precision offers Master Setting Discs in class X, XX or XXX.  Master Setting Discs are widely used for setting comparators, snap gages and other equipment and  are available in three styles:

1. Specify quantity.
2. Nominal diameter and Style 1 or 3; Style 2 specify two diameters.
3. Y, X, XX tolerance Style 1 and 3 split tolerance, Style 2 Go size minus, Not Go size plus.
4. Material: Steel, Chromed Steel, or Carbide.
5. Specify marking instruction

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Master Setting Discs :

  • Master Setting Discs are precision lapped for best accuracy and finish
  • inch or metric
  • finishes of steel,chrome,ceramic or solid carbide.
  • Class X, XX or XXX

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Master setting discs TECHNICAL


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