Medical Gages

Willrich Precision offers specialty gaging solutions and custom gauging for your specific applications. We supply Custom Fixtures, Custom Functional Go Gages, and Variable Indicating stations. We offer special gaging gages for the following industries: Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Bearing, Defense, etc.

If you already have a concept drawing and need it fabricated, send the drawing to us and we can quote a custom gage or fixture along with a calibration certificate.

Flush Pin Gages, True Position Gages, Bone plate Gages, Functional and Variable Fixture Gages, Functional gaging provides a Go/NoGo level of measurement, Variable Fixture Gage, is a more complex checking. Complete turn key system based on your specific needs.

Our Design team will assist you in Design concepts and Build cost to fit the application and budget that each project requires. Special designed gages and fixturing per for your parts.

Simply email or fax us your part drawings/requirement and we will design a gage concept for you at no cost.

Call 866-9945-5742 or email: for more information -OR- simply fill in the gage data in the below tab marked Quick Quote Form.

Medical Gages-

Common Applications:

  • Bone Support Plates
  • Bone Plate Gage
  • Bone Screws
  • Cylindrical Luer Taper Fittings
  • Thread Luer Taper Fittings
  • Multi Start Threads
  • Conical Threads
  • Small Thread Gages (2mm)

Common Gages Used For Medical Applications:

  • Multi Start Conical Thread Gages
  • Taper Thread Gages
  • Cylindrical Taper Gages
  • Variable Thread Gages
  • Cylindrical OD and ID Gages
  • Fixed Limit Thread Gages
  • Tin Coated Gages

Willrich Precision provides variable and fixed limit gages for use throughout the medical industry. We provide gaging solutions to the medical industry with special emphasis for manufacturers of orthopedic and prosthetic devices. A variable thread inspection system provides variable data when inspecting conical threads.

Variable Thread Gages For The Medical Industry- Features And Benefits:

  • Inspect Conical Thread P.D. Related to Stand Off
  • Inspect Stand Off Related to Conical Thread P.D.
  • Variable Data For Machine Tool
  • Machine Tool Capability
  • Data Collection Available
  • Reduced Gage Inventory


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