MES Software Shopfloor-Online

Shopfloor-Online is targeted at the Plant Operations layer in manufacturing systems, interacting with the ERP system and the plant equipment. According to the ISA-95 models, plant operations comprise Production Operations, Inventory Operations, Quality Operations and Maintenance (or Engineering) Operations. In each of these areas Shopfloor-Online has modules that provide specific functionality


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MES Software Shopfloor-Online Features:

  • Expandable - with over 24 modules across all areas of manufacturing operations - you take what you need to build a solution. All the modules work together to form one integrated platform
  • Configurable - Shopfloor-Online is a standard MES package that is configured to build solutions
  • We train you how to configure the system so you can manage it and adapt it over time to deal with changes in your business as they arise
  • High user take up - designed for users on the shop floor - highly visual, easy to assimilate, easy to use - it brings all the information together for the users
  • React faster - everyone from the people running the process, to management, to engineers can see exactly what is happening - live. Email or text alerts can be sent for exception conditions
  • One version of the truth - data is captured once and used many times over, for example downtime figures feed OEE and Maintenance Management - everyone is working off the same base
  • Web based - ease of access: everyone, everywhere, accesses the same information on your network
  • ISA95 standard - Shopfloor-Online offers a complete range of functionality
  • Integration - MES systems must integrate with ERP systems, other plant systems and plant equipment. Shopfloor-Online has the tools to build interfaces quickly and manage all interfaces from one place
  • Reporting and analysis - Shopfloor-Online comes equipped with hundreds of standard reports, but you can take these and adapt as required.

Production Operations

  • Scheduling
  • Job Tracking
  • Downtime
  • Production Counting
  • Waste
  • OEE
  • Line Log Book
  • Labour Tracking
  • Quality Operations


  • SPC
  • Process Monitoring
  • Links to Documents
  • CAPA
  • Customer Complaints
  • Supplier Complaints
  • Inventory Operations


  • Label Printing
  • Traceability – Consumption
  • Build Traceability
  • Warehousing
  • Maintenance Operations

Asset Register

  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Tool Management

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