Mini-VIVID Digital Video Microscope (Minivivid)


Visually inspect and capture high quality images or movie files of your parts up to 140X with excellent resolution.

Measure, label, and draw on live video image with the included software and then save as a picture file (jpg, bmp, tif) ; Or movie file for sharing or documentation purposes.

Simply plug in the mini-VIVID and turn your PC into a high quality inspection system at an irresistible price.

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Mini-VIVID Digital Video Microscope Features:

  • Easily capture high resolution – high magnified digital images or movie files (up to 140X)
  • Make quick 2D measurements with software (distance, radius, etc.)
  • Make annotations (ex: “Defect") on screen and save image with annotations, measurements and date with time
  • NO VIDEO CAPTURE CARD IS REQUIRED: All image capturing and viewing is done via USB port on your PC with our included software.
  • Totally PC powered via USB
  • UV & IR Options Available
  • LED Lights

Watch the Mini-VIVID Digital Video Microscope (video) using the link below:

Willrich-Mini-VIVID Digital Video Microscope (Video)

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