Mitutoyo 215 Series Comparator Stand (215-405-10)


MITUTOYO Comparator Stands are basic building-blocks for the assembly of special-purpose, precision-measuring equipment. By mounting precision-measuring instruments onto the stands, it is possible to satisfy all manners of measuring assignments, including comparative measurement. The Comparator Stands consist of a very stable, castiron base and an upright column with a mounting bracket that features fine adjustment. Standard Stands are furnished with tapped holes for mounting optional anvils, although the flat, accurately-ground stand surfaces are true measuring planes.

230mm Height Capacity, 1mm Fine Adjustment, 110mm x 110mm Flat Anvil


Mitutoyo 215 Series Comparator Stand Features:

  • Mitutoyo 215-405-10
  • Heavy Duty Comparator Stand
  • 110mm x 110mm Flat Anvil
  • 230mm Height Capacity
  • 1mm Fine Adjustment

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Download the Mitutoyo 215 Series Comparator Stand product information using the link below:

Mitutoyo 215_405_10 Indicator Stand

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