Mitutoyo MeasurLink SPC Software


MeasurLink 9.0 Real-Time Standard Edition Is designed for customers who want to acquire and analyze data in real-time and check variable and attribute inspection to maximize production and minimize defects


Mitutoyo MeasurLink SPC Software Features:

MeasurLink is designed to detect and display patterns and provide additional statistical information. Many patterns can be seen appearing on SPC charts, including:

  • Cycles
  • Trends
  • Freaks
  • Mixtures
  • Grouping or “bunching” of measurements
  • Gradual change in level
  • Sudden shift in level
  • Instability (abnormally large fluctuations)
  • Stratification (abnormally small fluctuations)
  • Interactions (two or more variables acting together)
  • Systematic variation
  • Tendency of one chart to follow another

Available Options

software-type Product Number
Site License MeasurLink V9.0 (QTY30) Upgrade 64AAB614F-U
Work Group MeasurLine V9.0 (QTY15) Upgrade 64AAB615
Real-Time Standard 64AAB606
Real-Time Professional 64AAB607
Real-Time Professional 3D 64AAB608
Real-Time Standard Upgrade 64AAB606-U
Real-Time Professional Upgrade 64AAB608-U

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