Mitutoyo MF-A2017C Measuring Microscope (64PKA093)


Mitutoyo MF-A2017C Measuring Microscope with Led Illumination Unit & Binocular Tube.

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Mitutoyo MF-A2017C Measuring Microscope Features and Specifications:

  • Observation with a clear and flare-less erect image and a wide field of view
  • Measuring accuracy that is the highest in its class (and conforms to JIS B 7153)
  • ML series, high-NA objectives that are specially designed for the MF series (long working distance type)
  • Illumination unit (reflected/transmitted) selectable from a high-intensity LED or halogen bulb (required)
  • Variable aperture diaphragm (reflected/transmitted) allows observation measurement while suppressing light diffraction
  • Variety of standardized stages in sizes up to 400~200mm
  • Quick-release mechanism useful for moving the stage quickly when measuring workpieces that are large in size or quantity
  • Coarse/fine feed handles equipped as standard on both sides allow precise focus and observation measurement regardless of handedness
  • High-magnification eyepiece observation up to 2000X
  • Standard measuring microscope that has a wide variety of optional accessories including a Vision Unit an various digital
  • CCD cameras
  • Low-noise design
  • LED Illumination Unit (MF)
  • Binocular Tube
  • Stage Size: 16 X 13.5
  • Stage Travel

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