Multi-Ball™ internal thread micrometer

The Multi-Ball™ internal thread micrometer is a new instrument for measuring the size of an internal thread.  It is very small and light weight making it easy to use even where space limitations restrict the use of other instruments. It is completely self contained so that the purchase dial indicators and other accessories is not necessary. It never requires any set-up or assembly so it is always ready for immediate use.

The Multi-Ball™ micrometer patented design utilizes 3 balls as contact elements.  By turning the friction thimble the balls are rolled into contact with the work piece.  Since they are free floating they will never develop flats or wear unevenly.  Unlike other types of gages the Multi-Ball™ micrometer contact elements can be positioned anywhere along the thread. The most common locations are at 180º and 120º.  Calibration is performed in a matter of seconds by adjusting the calibration sleeve on the micrometer to correspond with the size of a solid setting-ring.

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