Mahr Multimar Digital Universal Caliper 25 EWR


The Mahr 25 EWR is ideal for measuring outside and inside dimensions, centering shoulders, narrow collars, external and internal tapers, dovetails, grooves, distances between hole centers as well as scribing work pieces



Multimar Digital Universal Caliper 25 EWR Features:


  • ON/OFF
  • RESET (set display to zero)
  • mm/inch
  • PRESET (for entering a numerical value)
  • LOCK function (key lock)
  • DATA (Data transmission via connection cable)
  • Interchangeable measuring arms, contact blocks and stop elements (optional accessories) for easy adaptation to individual measuring tasks
  • The digital display is always in the operator‘s line of vision due to the patented mounting fixture of The measuring elements provided on the upper and lower longitudinal face of the arm holders
  • Application range can be extended by turning the measuring arms
  • The two arm holders can be moved along the rail, providing a well-balanced weight distribution, even with small dimensions Slide and rail are made of hardened stainless steel
  •  Free SOFTWARE download: (only for Mahr data cables and wireless systems with USB and RS232 interface)
  •  Data interface: USB, Digimatic, Opto RS232C, Wireless
  •  Energy supply: Battery life approx. 3 years
  •  IP protection category: IP 65
  • Scope of delivery: Battery,
    Instruction manual, Mounting and resting blocks, Wooden case, without arms/attachments and anvils

Available Options

range Product Number
0-300mm 4119000
0-600mm 4118701
0-1000mm 4119002
0-1250 4119003

Multimar Digital Universal Caliper 25 ewr:




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