Phase II SRG-4000 Surface Roughness Gage (#SRG-4000)


The Phase II SRG-4000 surface roughness gage utilizes an easy interface to allow for changes of in/mm (uin/um),  cutoff length, sampling length, parameters, level of test(stylus position), digital filters and more!



Phase II SRG-4000 Surface Roughness Gage offers a diamond stylus which is hypersensitive and sophisticated enough to allow for a .001 (um) micron display resolution. The SRG-4000 surface roughness tester measurement results are displayed as large characters on the LCD screen for easy recognition. Battery powered portability allows the SRG-4000 surface roughness testers profilometer to mobilize productivity throughout the shop.


  • Direct printing
  • Auto-off with auto store
  • Data output RS 232  to printer/PC
  • Cut-off lengths 0.25mm/0.8mm/2.5mm
  • Tracing length Lt 1.3mm – 17.5mm
  • Digital Filter RC, PC-RC, GUASSIAN, D-P
  • Detector Diamond tip radius 5 µm
  • Power Li-Ion battery
  • NIST Certificate

Phase II SRG-4000 Surface Roughness Tester:

  • Roughness Parameters: Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt
  • Assessed Profiles Primary profile(p), Roughness profile(R) tp curve (Mr)
  • Conformance Standards: ISO/DIN/JIS/ANSI
  • Measuring System Metric µm,  Imperial µ inch
  • Display Resolution +/-20 µm  = 0.001 µm
    +/-40 µm = 0.002 µm
    +/-80 µm = 0.004 µm
  • Sensor Specifications: 5 µm Diamond Tip Stylus
  • Sensor Angle: 90°
  • Contact Force: 4mN (0.4gf)
  • Display features Stylus position sensor
  • Battery level indicator
  • Direct display of parameters
  • Working temperature 5-40 degrees C.
  • Dimensions 139mm x 56mm x 48mm
  • Weight 450g

Download the Phase II SRG-4000 Surface Roughness Gage video by using the link below:

Phase II SRG-4000 Surface Roughness Gage Youtube video

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