Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin Series Digital Force Gage


Offer an enhanced heavy-duty housing allowing them to be utilized in high capacity tension and compression applications. These instruments are utilized in a variety of applications such as, incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing, R&D or almost any portable or force stand testing requirement.

2 Year Warranty


Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin Series Digital Force Gage Features:

  • 1000 Hz Sample Rate provides faster sampling producing better resolution and more accurate results
  • High accuracy +/-0.2% F.S., ideal for strict tolerances
  • Measure and record compression and tension tests – Permits true “push-pull testing
  • 180° Reversible display and dual printed keypad allows usage as a portable gauge or mounted upside down on a test stand
  • 1 million operation load cell with superior overload protection provides a long-life, damage free product
  • High-capacity rugged, ergonomic die cast aluminum construction allows usage on production floor
  • Variable display response rate aids viewing readings
  • Quick retrieval of peak measurement with a single push button in test stand
  • Flexible user preference with one button selection of engineering units
  • Field calibration through keypad eliminates down time
  • Dual power capable with rechargeable battery or AC line voltage
  • CE Mark

Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin Series Digital Force Gage Included Items:

  • Carrying case
  • Standard attachments
  • Handles
  • AC adapter/charger

Available Options

items Product Number
200-lbf-no-data-output FGE-200HX
500-lbf-no-data-output FGE-500HX

Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin Series Force Gage:

  • Capacity: -200HX: 200lb; -500HX: 500lb
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.2% Full Scale
  • Resolution: 0.1 lb/0.1 kg/1 N
  • Average/Peak Mode: Selectable
  • Display Update: .05, .1, .2, .3, .5, 1 sec
  • Sampling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Overload Capacity: 150% Full Scale
  • Battery Charge: 12 hours (when fully charged)

Download the Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin Series Digital Force Gage product information using the link below:

Shimpo FGE-HX Javelin Series Digital Force Gage


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