Spline Plug and Spline Ring Gages

Go and No Go spline gauges that confirm to ISO, DIN, AGMA, and JIS standards. Spline gauges can be manufactured from 5mm up to 500mm. Spline gage profiles include involute, serration, and parallel (straight or helical).

Full form go ring gages for checking major diameters, minor diameters, and tooth thickness. Tapered tooth master plugs to check the wear of ring gauges.

Contact us to discuss your specific spline plug and ring gage requirements.

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Spline Plug and Spline Ring Gages- Standards:

Gear and spline gages available to the following standards :

  • ISO (International)
  • DIN (German)
  • BS (British)
  • AGMA (American)
  • JIS (Japanese).
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