Starrett 1150Z Snap Gages


Starrett Snap Gages



Starrett 1150Z Snap Gages Features:

  • The contacts and backstop are 5/16″ diameter hardened tool steel, precision ground and lapped flat
  • Contacts are individually adjustable to maximum 2″ range and are locked in position by tightening parallel lock clamps to maintain parallelism of faces
  • ranges available: 0-2″, 2-4″ , 4-6″ ,6-8″
  • Both contacts are also keyed to maintain orientation of faces regardless of adjustment
  • Plus and minus are read directly. Dial face has a double row of graduations reading in opposite directions. Red “Minus” and black “plus” grad
  • The indicator can be rotated 360º and locked in position to read from any angle, and a fine-adjusting screw provides for zero setting the hand
  • A guard protects the dial indicator when the gage is laid down
  • A bench stand is available to convert the gage to a bench comparator

Available Options

Measuring Range snap gage Product Number
100-150mm/4-6" 11Z0-6
50-100mm/2-4" 1150Z-4
0-2"/0-50mm 1150Z-2
6-8"/152mm-315mm 1150Z-8

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