Starrett 120 Dial Caliper American Made


The Only American Made Dial Caliper …

This is one of the handiest measuring tools available, used by mechanics and toolmakers everywhere. It is direct reading, reliable and accurate.


Starrett 120 Dial Caliper Features:

  • Accuracy and Long-Life Features
  • Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears and depth rod
  • Positive, split-gear anti-backlash control
  • Rack teeth point down to make it easy to shed foreign matter and thereby keep the area clean white face

Available Options

range Product Number
0-6" 120A-6
0-6" B120A-6
0-6" R120A-6
0-9" 120A-9
0-12" 120Z-12
0-12" 120-12

Starrett 120 Dial Caliper:

Starrett Dial Caliper

Download the Starrett 120 Dial Caliper product information using the link below:

Starrett 120 Dial Caliper

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