Starrett 25 Series Dial Indicators


The Starrett 25 Series Dial Indicator has a shockless, hardened steel gear train and jewel bearings, except where noted. It is furnished with a lug-on-center back. Anti­magnetic mechanism is optional for all models. Special non-shock mechanism is available for all models except 25-109, 25-209 and 25-116.

See below for individual model’s technical specifications.



Starrett 25 Series Dial Indicators Features:

  • Offered with lug on center back, 1/4″ long radius contact point, and balanced or continuous reading dials
  • Models up to .250″ in range furnished with case stem cap to accommodate lever control
  • Models .500″ and 1″ range furnished with top lift feature
  • Unbreakable crystal
  • Hardened stainless steel stem

Available Options

item Product Number
25-111J 25-111J
25-116J 25-116J
25-118J 25-118J
25-128J 25-128J
25-131J 25-131J
25-134J 25-134J
25-136J 25-136J
25-138J 25-138J
25-141J 25-141J
25-142J 25-142J
25-143J 25-143J
25-144J 25-144J
25-145J 25-145J
25-211J 25-211J
25-231J 25-231J
25-236J 25-236J
25-238J 25-238J
25-241J 25-241J
25-242J 25-242J
25-243J 25-243J
25-245J 24-245J
25-341/5J 25-341/5J
25-341J 25-341J
25-431J 25-431J
25-441/5J 25-441/5J
25-441J 25-441J
25-511J 25-511J
25-611J 25-611J
25-631J 25-631J

Starrett  25 series Dial Indicators Technical Specifications:

Starrett Dial Indicators 25 series Tech specs

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