Starrett 2700 Mini Cator

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Starrett 2700 Mini Cator Features:

  • 270 degree Rotating Bezel - Allows viewing at different attitudes
  • Smaller Diameter - A dimensional match to AGD Group one mechanical indicators (1.700"/43mm)
  • Two Available Displays - Single LCD Numeric IQ model (largest of its class) with low battery warning and programmable ratios or Numeric/Analog AD model showing its two displays simultaneously
  • Accuracy - ±.00012" or ±.003mm
  • .400 travel
  • Allows storage of 200 readings internally and viewed, stored readings can be downloaded with included software and USB style cable
  • Easy wired communication with cables or using Starrett DataSure® wireless
  • Made in USA
  • Long battery life (with one CR232 cell) 3,000 hours under typical use also can be powered by plugging into your computer

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