Starrett 3670 Series Dial Indicator Stand


The Starrett 3670 Series Dial Gage Stands are versatile and easily adapted to thickness gages for comparator work.

Starrett Indicator Stand with Round Serrated Anvil or  Round Flat Anvil, 3/8″ Stem Hole, 8mm Bushing.

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Starrett 3670 Series Dial Indicator Stand Features:

  • Designed for comparison  measurements using a dial indicator or digital Indicator
  • Vertical fine adjustment is standard  on all models
  • Rugged bracket holds indicator  firmly in place
  • Can be used with any  AGD dial or digital indicator
  • Furnished with a serrated or flat anvil which is ground and lapped and removable
  • 3/8″ Stem Hole
  • 8mm Bushing

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