Starrett 384 Series Steel Parallels


Starrett 384 Series Steel Parallels: 6″ (150mm) Length

Starrett No. 384 Steel Parallels are hardened and ground to close limits. They are indispensable for inspection and layout work or for various setups on drill presses, milling and grinding machines, shapers, etc. Furnished in pairs, 6″ length, they are made from a special grade of tool steel, hardened and accurately ground on the four sides. In tool rooms or machine shops,k several pairs of these parallels will be of great value.


Starrett 384 Series Steel Parallels Technical Specifications:

Starrett Series 384

Available Options

Parallels, Thickness Product Number
1/8" (3mm) 384A
3/16" (5mm) 384C
1/4" (6mm) 384E
1/4" (6mm) 384F
3/8" (10mm) 384G
3/8" (10mm) 384H
1/4" (6mm) 384M
1/4" (6mm) 384N
1/4" (6mm) 384P
3/8" (10mm) 384R
1/2" (13mm) 384S
1/2" (13mm) 384T
1/2" (13mm) 384W
1/2" (13mm) 384X
1/2" (13mm) 384Y

Download the Starrett 384 Series Steel Parallels product information using the link below:

Starrett Steel Parallels No. 384 Series

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