Starrett Accubore Bore Gage Pistol Grip


The Starrett AccuBore is a high-quality, trigger-activated, three-point contact bore gaging system with extended range and Bluetooth Data Output. Its convenient single-hand operation provides speed and control. It also features an easy-to-read digital display as well as mechanically-driven parallel anvils which extend simultaneously, establishing a more true alignment to the axis of the bore, providing consistent pressure and more accurate readings as opposed to models with spring-driven contacts. The gage also features a display with integrated LEDs tolerances that quickly indicate whether a bore measurement is within a preset tolerance window



Starrett Accubore Features:

  • Starrett Accubore 2 point contact or 3 point (Fixed anvil type on 3 point)
  •  Single-hand operation with right- and left-hand viewing flexibility
  •  Large, easy-to-read digital display with integrated LEDs tolerances
  •  Enhanced wear life with carbide-faced contacts – available from 1/2″ to 8″
  •  True alignment with mechanically-driven parallel anvils
  •  Push button inch/metric conversion
  •  Preset and preset recall
  •  Hold, max/min and zeroing capabilities
  •  Blind bore measurement is standard from .50″ (12.7mm) and above
  •  Bluetooth Output capability for Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis

Available Options

2-point-or-3-point-contacts-select Product Number
2 Point Contact 781BXTZ-100
2 Point Contact 781BXTZ-120
2 Point Contact 781BXTZ-160
2 Point Contact 781BXTZ-200
2 Point Contact 781BXTZ-250
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-312
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-375
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-500
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-625
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-750
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-1
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-138
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-2
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-258
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-314
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-4
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-5
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-6
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-7
3 Point Contact 781BXTZ-8



Download the Starrett Accubore 781BXT Product specifications by using the link below:

781BX Series

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