Starrett DFG Digital Force Gage


The Starrett DFG is a basic force gage. The gage measures force at an accuracy of better than 0.2% full scale. The Starrett DFG is ideal for basic tensile and compression testing. Test setup and operation is fast, efficient and easy for anyone. The Starrett  DFG  force gage display shows the test direction and dynamic load during testing. Results are displayed at the completion of testing, including “Pass-Fail” when tolerance is applied. The gage will display statistics when results are saved to
the gage’s internal memory. Store up to 50 test results in local memory.


Starrett DFG Digital Force Gage Features:

  • Use as handheld instrument or mount to Starrett test frames: FMM, MTL and MTH.
  • Excellent display resolutions:
    — DFC 10,000:1
    — DFG 5,000:1
  • Precise and accurate load measurements:
    — DFC 0.1% full scale
    — DFG 0.2% full scale
  • Load sensors have safe overload rating of 200%
  • High-resolution OLED color display with adjustable backlight and Auto Off feature
  • Supplied with NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration
  • 3-year warranty
  • Metric threads for screw-on attachments. Can be fitted with clevis adapters that fit hundreds of Starrett test fixtures.
  • A primary and secondary display window shows your results. Out-of tolerance results display in red.
  • Adjustable sampling rates help you capture peak loads. Filters can be applied to peak and display values.
  • Multiple display languages.
  • Battery provides more than 30 hours of continuous operation. Charge
    battery using USB cable.
  • Change display (Flip feature) orientation without having to expose electronics.
  • Easy-to-use multi-function keypad. Softkeys are programmable to your most used functions.
  • Programmable sounds for alarms, such as an out-of-tolerance result
  • Cast-aluminum housing
  • Comfort grip for handheld testing applications
  • USB

Available Options

Force Measuring Capacity Product Number
550lb/2500N/250KGF DFG-500
225lb/1000N/100KGF DFG-200
110lb/500N/50kgf/1600ozf DFG-100
50lb/250N/25KGF/800oz/25,000GF DFG-50
20lb/100N/1KGF/320oz/10000GF DFG-20
10lb/50N/5KGF/160oz/5000GF DFG-10

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starrett force gauge

starrett force gage

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