Starrett Kinescope Hand Held Video Microscope (KINESCOPE-IR-VLINK)


The KineScope microscope combines a digital video camera, precision optics and LED lighting in the palm of your hand. 40 to 140X magnification lets you zoom in on the fine details of large or small parts. Connect the KineScope directly to your computer’s USB port and place it over an object to view the image on your computer screen. Using the included VLink imaging and measuring software, capture images and video, easily add labels, make measurements and draw on the live or captured images, then archive, share or print your finished image. The KineScope is great for medical manufacturing, machine shop, electronic parts or virtually anything you need to inspect or measure.

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Starrett Kinescope Hand Held Video Microscope Features:

  • Compact lightweight design is completely portable with your laptop computer
  • View live and captured images on a computer screen or monitor
  • Save still images, movies and time lapse
  • Apply labels, markers, time stamps and measurements
  • Draw directly on the live image
  • Includes VLink imaging software
  • 40-140X magnification

Includes 2 MP digital camera, image archiving, labeling and simple measurement capability. (Requires desktop or notebook PC.)



Starrett Kinescope Hand Held Video Microscope Technical Specifications:

  • Optics: Variable Magnification
  • CCD Sensor / Resolution: 1/4″ CMOS / 2 Mpixel
  • Camera Interface: USB
  • Computer: Required, not provided
  • Software: VLink
  • Video Screen: Required, not provided
  • Screen Resolution: Required, not provided
  • Lens Magnification: 40x to 140x
  • Screen Magnification: Monitor Dependent
  • Field of View (X-Axis): 2.5 to 10mm
  • Measurement Resolution: 4 µm (at High Mag)
  • Measurement Accuracy: Up to +/-10µm (at High Mag)

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Download the Starrett Kinescope Hand Held Video Microscope product information using the link below:

Starrett Kinescope portable hand held microscope

  • Calibration Grid for use with Vlink software

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