Starrett Master Vernier Caliper


The Starrett Master Vernier Calipers have half as many bar graduations as conventional single-vernier tools, making it very east to read.  The calipers are tight, smoothly fitted slides, with no glare from the Starrett satin chrome finish.


Starrett Master Vernier Caliper Features:

  • Graduation .001/0.02mm Grad, .
  • Half as many bar graduations as conventional single-vernier tools
  • Easy to read Machine divided graduations
  • Tight, smoothly fitted slides
  • No glare Starrett satin chrome finish
  • Long 50-division vernier scales Open-face design
  • Screw-type adjusting nut allows for fine measuring adjustments and lock nut holds measurements
  • Fine tool steel construction
  • Hardened, ground and lapped measuring surfaces

Available Options

graduation Product Number
.001" 123Z-6
.001" 123Z-12
.001" 123Z-24
.001" 123Z-36
.001" 123Z-48
.001" 123Z-60
.001" 123Z-72
.001" & .02mm 123EMZ-6
.001" & .02mm 123EMZ-12
.001" & .02mm 123EMZ-24

Starrett Master Vernier Caliper:

Starrett Master Vernier Caliper

Download the Starrett Master Vernier Caliper product information using the link below:

Starrett Master Vernier Caliper

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