Starrett RMS Remote Display and Probes (RMS2704)


Starrett’s  Remote Display Measurement System. The Starrett RMS product supports Starrett’s offering of precision electronic digital tools. It will support over 140 standard electronic indicator, caliper, and micrometer tool variations by improving measurement display, collection of data, and integration into wireless technologies.

The Starrett RMS product offers a four (4) port multiplexer and digital display on a tablet which allows simultaneous connection of up to four (4) devices directly into a flexible software for data collection. In addition, twelve (12) electronic probes and an independent automatic 4-way send switch are now available. This unit effectively replaced the R2700 style Wisdom Remote Display, which has been discontinued. Repairs will be available on a case by case basis.
The probes that supported the Wisdom Remote Display will continue to be available for replacement purposes. These probes along with existing Gage Amplifiers & Accessories have been relocated to the “Data Collection product group. This will enable users to more easily compare the various Gage Amplifiers, Displays, Multiplexers, and their respective probes, cables, and accessories offered by Starrett. Starrett RMS2704 edp# 72954 remote measurement unit.


Starrett’s RMS Remote Measurement System Features:

  • 7″ Android tablet with intuitive software application for easy process monitoring, setup, and data export
  • Flexible data requesting and logging (.CSV to Micro SD Card, E-mail, PC transfer) with programmable auto logging and collection
  • Simultaneous connection of up to four devices (Indicators, Calipers, Micrometers, Probes, etc.)
  • Supports both Digimatic and Quadrature gage systems
  • “Send All” or “Request All” data to/from all gages
  • TIR, Max., Min. and Freeze Hold, Travel Reverse
  • USB Type A and B, RS232 connection
  • High quality, low profile enclosure
  • Bright LED power indication
  • IN, MM and No Units setting
  • Programmable Ratios
  • Four channel view

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